72 hours in Las Vegas

72 hours in Las Vegas

The thrilling experience started the moment I stepped my feet onto the Vegas soil. Oh! It’s such an unexplainable feeling! The glitz! The lights! Happy people! The glamour!! Yep! You guessed right. Vegas is definitely the place to visit next time you’re on holiday. But before then, it’s good to learn a bit more about this city that never sleeps.

So I spent only a short while in this city, but I sure had the very best of times. First, let’s start with getting around the city.


You sure don’t want to walk the length and width of Vegas on foot, do you?! Of course not! No worries about not having your own vehicle, you can always share a ride, join the train, call a cab or even board the bus.

Ride-sharing, mostly common with Uber is a very sure means of transportation in Las Vegas, providing transport for visitors through apps in the driver’s personal vehicle. The cost of each ride varies on target destination though and prices are estimated, just like it works on uber and bolt in Nigeria.

However, prices could go up during times of high demand, especially during major events or activities around your desired destination. And also, hotels have designated areas where ride-sharing companies can pick up guests, so make sure you know where the pick-up area is wherever you are.

Alternatively, you could explore Vegas using the train experience.

Las Vegas Monorail shows the best of the city ( I can definitely attest to that), with trains arriving every 4-8 minutes at their seven stations. You can ride in the company of friends and other tourists and enjoy the road trip.

The train hours are between 7 am- 12 midnight (or 3 am at weekends). A single ride is $5; a day pass is $13, and they also have two to seven-day passes with prices that range from $23-$56. However, note that the monorail doesn’t run all night, at some point, you might have to check out another means of transportation.

If you feel you’re not cut out for trains and ride-shares, you can always take a taxi. Taxis are great to use, and you’d never need to worry about the availability of a taxi at any hour. But then, unlike other cities, you cannot hail a taxi on the street in Las Vegas. Taxis are required to pick up at a specific address, such as a hotel.

But, if you’re looking to save money for other lit experiences in Vegas like I was, then you should probably check out the public transportation system (known as The Deuce). It is operated by the Regional Transportation Committee and is one of the best ways to get around the city at cheaper rates. The bus runs through towns and tickets can be got at $6 for a two-hour pass, $8 for a 24-hour pass and $20 for a three-day pass.

For the most part of my time there, I took the bus and train. A few times, however, I ordered a ride. But then, enough talk about transportation. Let’s get straight to the most exciting part, things to do!!

Las Vegas is home to a special variety of world-class restaurants, shows, shops, clubs, hotels, and casinos! I was confused a lot of times about where to go and what to do. But in the end, I made a list of must-visit places while in Vegas city. Check it out below:

1. Eiffel Tower

As a lover of great views, the first place I visited was the Eiffel Tower in Paris Las Vegas! Incredible, right?! I know!!

OK, let’s not get too excited. The original Eiffel Tower is in France, but there’s a nice replica right here in Paris Las Vegas hotel, called the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck. It is an icon of the city’s skyline and is located at the high altitude of 46 stories above the ground, which is only a half replica of the original one in Paris. Climbing such heights in a glass elevator was a thrilling experience. It was funny to watch different reactions as we went higher up above the ground.

On getting to the top, guides were available to point out famous landmarks of the Vegas skyline (for a fee). Oh, it’s not so expensive too. Entrance tickets cost $12.50, but for a guided tour like mine, it cost $24.99. The Eiffel Tower Las Vegas, is definitely a must-see, especially at night, when the neon lights have you captivated and marveling at the beauty of the night!

2. Boulevard Pool

Another exciting place to be is the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a luxury hotel and casino, in Vegas and home to this incredible boulevard pool. During the summer (like it was in my visit), guests can hang out and relax at the pool, but when it’s not being used as a pool, the hotel turns it into a concert venue or even an ice-skating rink in winter.

The location of the pool is positioned at eye level with all of the surrounding hotels. From there, you can catch the best view of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, without even having to look up at it.

The feel of the pool water is exquisite, compared to none other! If you’re a lover of water, then the boulevard pool is definitely a must-have for you!

3. World’s largest Ferris Wheel!

The High Roller Observation Wheel at The LINQ Hotel is another sizzling attraction in Las Vegas. The High Roller is a 550-foot tall giant Ferris wheel that offers visitors a 360-degree glimpse of the city. It is currently the world’s largest Ferris wheel! The entire ride only takes about 30 minutes which includes historical information about Las Vegas while on the ride. A daytime ride on the wheel cost $25 and $37 at night, which starts from 5 pm. If you’re a lover of great heights, this is another must-see!

4. Le Cirque

What about the food? I’m sure you’re asking already. Of course, I had my fair share of lunch and dinner at different cuisines and restaurants, including the Eiffel Tower Deck and they were all fabulous times. But then, one which really struck me all by itself was Le Cirque!

Le Cirque is an offshoot of its sister branch in New York. A French restaurant in Las Vegas, with an opulent dining room that exudes celebration and sets the stage for an inimitable French menu with a coveted wine list and a totally amazing service. Le Cirque is only open from 5 pm till 10 pm daily. Dress code for ladies is elegant and classy, while gents were looking cute and noble in their formal evening wears.

Ok, so Le cirque provided a very wide variety of French dishes, but I was careful not to order any strange dish that would be unpalatable to me. I didn’t want to shame my fellow Nigerians in such a place by ordering what I couldn’t eat. I eventually settled for a slightly familiar dish that turned out magnificent in the end.

My course was the Citrus Glazed Veal Cheek. This was a collection of celery apple puree, sugar snap peas, banyuls mignonette and a bunch of other things I have no idea of. For dessert, I decided to try the Chocolate Ball, which was a mixture of white chocolate ice cream, hazelnut caramel crunch, etc.

Besides the food at Le cirque, the overall ambiance created a wonderful experience which crowned my evening. Surely, if you want to have a royal taste of French food in Las Vegas, Le cirque will leave you amazed!

5. Bellagio Art Gallery

Being the ardent lover of art that I am, I couldn’t let the Vegas experience go by without visiting the much talked about Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. An escape from the dazzling bustle of the city as I enjoyed the peaceful walk through the carefully guided tour across the gallery. It provided an insight into Las Vegas’ refined side as the extraordinary collection of works gathered from private collections and museums around the world held me spellbound!

In conclusion, my hours in the city of Las Vegas flew by so quickly, it was almost impossible to have a feel of everything. But then, my experience there was life-changing and worth every bit of it and on getting back to Nigeria, stories of my experiences were almost endless. If you’re looking forward to a holiday in Las Vegas, these are just a few places that worked for me. There are a million other places of interest to leave you lost in love with the city.