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  • 13 Self care ideas

    13 Self care ideas

    Self-care ideas are self-care are activities that resonate with you on a personal hobbies. The best way to come up with a complete self care plan is to make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and things that makes you happy.

    Who are self-care ideas for?

    Self-care ideas are for people who are mentally well. if you are suffering from anxiety or depression this might not help your case. If you are depressed or have anxiety I will recommend you seek professional help in form of counselling or a physician. If you live aboard , I believe the government and other agencies have free service for you.. if you live in Africa or other places that don’t have free counseling service, I will suggest you talk to someone who has knowledge about counseling.

    Smile it’s allowed
    A week of self Care is a mood!

    These are some of the things I did during this past week.

    1. Read a book just for fun, just for yourself. I did read a book title “how to influence people and win friend.” I enjoyed reading this book because it help me to stop criticizing people and find some good things in them.

    2. Enjoy a long, hot, bubble bath. Get some all natural products and use it. If you don’t have a bath tub get a bucket with warm water and run the water down from your head to the rest of your body.. make sure you have a shower cap on to prevent your hair from getting messy..

    3. Put on some music and move to the groove. See my playlist it’s going to help you bring your groove back.. It doesn’t matter if anyone else see what you are doing “dancing,” or “singing,” and start making facial gesture.. you just continue doing your thing they will adjust with time. Not a day goes by without me dancing and bopping to my favorite song..

    4. Schedule time to watched your favorite movies or Series. Someone recently recommended a series call HTGAWM For example, I like the series so far.. if you looking for what to watch, check Movies on Netflix see fews movie you will enjoy watching during this time.

    5. Hug your pillows since we can’t hug someone lol this might sound weird but trust me it’s going to help your mind to adjust to the feeling like you hugging someone you love.

    6. Relax outside. Sit on your porch and view cars, people passing.. Get yourself HidrateSpark 3” target=”_blank”>a bottle of water and drink up while minding your business!

    7. Relax inside your home.. Wear comfortable clothes, get a ice cream or any snack you like, sit and enjoy it.. I’m usually in my pajamas during the day I’m indoors. I sit on my couch with my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and just enjoyed the sweet taste.

    8. Become a “tourist” in your own town, State, Province, or Country. Explore your environment. Discover its secrets. I walk in my neighborhood yesterday morning and guess what I discovered a place that sell India food ( I love India food) 5 minutes walk from my apartment.. I also discovered a house that sell plants.. I usually drive like 20 minutes to the store to buy my plants but see I don’t have to do that anymore because it 2 minutes walk away from apartment.

    9. Unplug!!! Plan to spend a certain length of time each day disconnected from the internet, the computer, your cell phone, your television, and all artificial distractions. I do this everyday. It’s going to help your mind.

    10. Spiritual prayer. You don’t have to be a pastor to know how to pray.. just a little prayer like this “God I think you for my life,” Thank you for waking me up this morning,” I’m grateful for all the things you done for me, I love you God,” thank you for keeping me safe during this strange time,” and anything you wanna pray about.. talk to God..

    11. A good glass of wine at the end of the day (for those who drink). Trust me it help.. I didn’t say get drunk lol but one glass of wine will do the magic.. I like red wine and a glass a day is good for me..

    12. Talk to your pastor.. Pastors are very sensitive to your feelings and mind.. they can help you with words of encouragement and build up your faith during this strange time. Talking to my pastor and my in law ( who is a priest) help me lot during this time..

    13. Set boundaries. Say “no” to someone. Did someone ask you to do something and you felt uncomfortable? Well I will let you know that selfcare is taking care of YOU before you can take care of someone else.. Don’t ever do anything under stress.. If you don’t feel comfortable with the word “no,” or you don’t know what to say when someone just springs something on you, here are some magic words, “oh I got stuff to do” and apologize that you will be available next time but not this time..

    Part 2 of my self care journal will be published next.. Hope this help you thru this strange time.. xoxo 💋 until next time — peace ✌️

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