10 Best ways to Invest in yourself!

10 Best ways to Invest in yourself!

Invest in your tomorrow today!

Youthful life can be a whirlwind of activities. From High School days to University days of endless studying and the aftermath of parties and fun. A lot happens during this stage in life, choices and decisions that could either make or mar the future for you. So while it’s important to catch all the fun while you’re young, it’s also important to make the necessary decisions and investments to make tomorrow keep shining brighter.

First, what does it mean to invest in yourself? Most people easily relate the word investment to money, but then, this is not only the case. To invest means to provide or endow someone or something with a particular quality or attribute. You could invest in your skills, health, wealth of knowledge, fluency of a language or even a desired body shape. When you invest in yourself, you’re choosing yourself to make choices to better your future. Now, the big question is, how do you invest in yourself? Here are a few ways.

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1. Learn everyday!

Consciously decide to learn! We learn by the day, through the smallest of things and in the littlest ways. Be open to learning and grab every opportunity to learn and develop yourself in any area of your choice. You love art, learn it! Work on that skill and be the best at it. You love to sing, very well! Do better and keep growing.

2. Develop your confidence and self-esteem

Know your worth! You’re bright! You’re beautiful! You deserve good and you’re only going to give and accept good. Tell that to yourself every single day. And on days you feel bad about yourself and are especially down, remind yourself that you stand a chance to be better, you deserve to be better and you will be better! Build up your self-esteem to the point that whatever negative things are said about you, won’t bring you down. Make a conscious decision to be happy in spite of prevailing circumstances. And always remind yourself that no matter how bad things are, they’ll surely turn around for the better in the end as long as you’re determined and patient.

3. Have good friends.

An old saying goes: show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. In some ways, this is very true. In the journey of life, you’ll constantly trip and fall. You need someone to pick you up, even on those days when you don’t want to get up at all. Have good friends in your life and you’ll be thankful at all times. Keep like-minded and determined people you close to you. They’ll remind you why you’re you, when you seem to forget. In general, have good people around you to bring out the best in you and help you grow altogether.

4. Read good books

Books are very important in our everyday life. You never know when whatever knowledge you have will be applicable, so grab it as it flows by. Books not just broaden your horizon about a particular topic, but they help in many ways to boost your confidence, enrich your word bank and make you proficient in speaking, reading and writing. Novels, magazines, inspirational books and even newspapers are relevant in everyday life.

Invest in yourself

5. Have healthy relationships

Relationships are a very crucial aspect of our existence. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you’ll always come in contact with people. Learn to understand and handle them properly. Remember the difference between friend and acquaintance. Not everyone will make it to your inner circle and its fine!! You don’t need to have a zoo of friends to be happy, you just need a few good ones. However, you still need to maintain cordial relationships with not just friends and family, but acquaintances and even enemies lol. We’re all different people, and life is a lot easier, and our relationships healthier when we accept that.

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6. Don’t be afraid to dream.

Dreams are a window to the future. There was a time when dreams were the food of our minds. But there came a time when we let fear feast on our dreams and rip it to pieces. Sadly, this shouldn’t be so. Don’t be afraid to dream and dream big too! Besides the dreams, don’t be scared of the hardwork that follows. A lot of work is involved in making your dreams come to reality. And if you must dream, then prepare to put in the extra work.

7. Talk to people who have walked that path

Talk to successful people. Success itself is relative. What does success mean to you? What things are important to you? Talk to your parents, coaches and mentors. You have fears, talk it through. Find people who share the same values with you. Who have overcome whatever trial you may face and ask them for help. They just might be that last bit you need to break the ground. So, invest in yourself by investing in people around you.

8. Have fun!

Create time to have fun! It’s not all hard work. It’s necessary to take a break sometimes and look at things from a spectator’s point of view. Do something you love! Take that trip. Sing that song! Write that book! Do the things you love always. Life’s too short to be unhappy. So have fun and be happy! Time lost is forever lost. So make the most of time all the time! Create time for family and friends. Spend meaningful time and actually enjoy the moments you share with them. Not everyone is lucky to come from a great family, but if you are, love them as much as they love you.

9. Be steady in your progress

Discovered what you want yet? No worries if you haven’t, you will in the end. Don’t be scared to try out new things and keep building yourself. And when you discover your career path, walk steadily and consistently in it. The pressure to succeed could be crushing at times, that you tend to despair and compare yourself with others. However, understand that we’re not all running the same race and it’s okay to make steady and remarkable progress, even in the small steps. Make the little steps count consistently and celebrate each win. Your tomorrow will thank you.

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10. Manage money

Manage your money wisely. As much as possible, avoid reckless spending. Have a planned budget and adhere to it. Also, Invest your money in profitable ventures. You can start by saving little bits yourself, before you venture into bigger savings and investments. Whatever you decide, manage your money wisely today. Your tomorrow will thank you.

In conclusion, there are over a zillion ways to invest in yourself, these are just a few. The most important thing is to find out what works for you and follow it. The future is bright and depends on today. Make each day count!! The Hidden Amount is 20k Naira


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