How to successfully communicate with your partner

People learn from pain, it’s okay to hurt because it’s part of life. But if you tell someone something that is untrue, then by that action, it defines that you are willingly dishonest. And, there is a strong chance they would never trust you again. I think it’s when you know for sure that whatever you say, will devastate them. Don’t break people’s hearts I have learned. Today’s post is simple but interesting.

Telling the truth can be very challenging, especially in some situations, sometimes you feel inclined to tell a little white lie to spare someone’s feeling. Sometimes, the truth hurts but it’s best to come clean with anything you are holding in. In this life, no one is perfect, so stop trying to be, we make mistakes, what matters is what we do after.


  • 1 * Relationship is based on trust and honesty, if you are lying or hiding things from friends or your significant other, it will only make the truth sting so much more for them. Coming out clean as soon as possible will help lessen the pain and make your partner more willing to work things that out.
  • 2 *The guilt of hiding things from someone you care about, will start to eat away at your mind and it will make you feel terrible and you may release this pent up stress in form of anger and frustration. Telling the truth will not just be best for them but for you as well.

    3 *How will you successfully communicate with one another if you are lying to their face, but telling them the truth will prove that, although you may slip at times but you will always be honest with them, this will help build trust.

    4 *Tough times are a major part of relationships, and lying makes those times worse. No relationship is perfect, the parties should understand this. Being in a relationship means handling bad situations in a rational, efficient manner for the parties. By lying or hiding, you are only avoiding the problem making it bigger.

    5* You are prolonging the process of healing if you are not telling the truth. Especially, if you want to let go, you and your partner need to figure out how to handle this situation, in a way that benefits both of you. By not being honest, there is no way for the healing process to start, just be honest to him/her and to yourself and trust that it will work out for them both in the long run.

    6 * Look at the situation from their own perspective.

    7 * Choose your words carefully, say it to yourself, say it out loud.

    8 *Don’t insult, blame, exaggerate or be judgmental, it’s not healthy and its ruins relationship. Whatever we do in life is worth doing right. Stay truthful, no matter the consequences. Actions speak louder than voice. Sometimes, people might have not met you or talked to you, but already have good things to say about you because of what they have heard about you. It pays to stay true.

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