Yes You can travel with your Nigerian passport

Yes You can travel with your Nigerian passport

Its such a beautiful day with bright sky and a warm summer! Fresh juice near a pool will do some magic to your soul. Today’s talk gonna be an interesting one.

I know sometimes your mind tells you that you need to change environment, Go on vacation somewhere for a few days and explore the world but somehow you worry about your visa been denied or take longer than expected causing you to give up on your plans. Well I’m here to help you make it easy. Today we gonna be talking about COUNTRIES YOU CAN TRAVEL TO WITHOUT VISA’S *Nigerians Only*

Nigerians is blessed with a flourishing economy, a disaster free country and above all peaceful people. As a giant nation in Africa, Nigerians might sometimes decide to spread their wings in exploring others cities, tourist sightseeing and travel just for fun. Trust me nobody enjoys the hassle and stress that is especially common in Nigeria over the obtainment of visas. So I did a little research

and below is a list of countries you as a Nigerian can visit/ travel without visa issues.

1. Benin Republic: This is an African country you do not need a visa to visit because it is part of the ECOWAS community and trust me there are some tourist sites that’s good for vacation, sightseeing etc.. For example, places like the Pendjari National Park. It’s one of UNESCO’S world Heritage Sites in Africa.

2. Burkina Faso ?? : This country as the name implies As *THE HONEST MEN* is located in the West African sub- region. It is very popular for dominating Culture and great musical performances (Music lovers) and as well as cultural performance. Nigerians without Visa can stay as long as you want if you have return Ticket. Is it fantastic.

3. BURUNDI ?? : Although this country is amongst the poorest on the continent, it is not without its beauty and great places which include the Lake Tanganyika in Bujumbura and Rusizi National Park. You will need to get your visa there that is if you are staying for more than 30 days.

4. CAPE VERDE ?? : This is one of the most welcoming tourist destinations on the continent as it has both great weather and beautiful spots for relaxation and sightseeing. it is an island country found on the West Coast of Africa. Visa is upon arrival.

5. CAMEROON ?? : This is a visa free country and what makes this country different from other African countries is that it blends together almost every part of Africa in one. They speak English and French. There are both Muslims and Christians. No worries about Language nor Religion Barrier. Neither do you need Visa to Visit.

6. CHAD ?? : if central Africa is where you have in mind, you might as well say Hello to Chad. Chad is Not only Visa free, but its also Known for its Wide array of wildlife etc.. Interestingly you can stay up to 3months in this country without visa.

7. COMOROS ISLAND (VISA ON ARRIVAL) : If you are having difficulty getting visa to a country for your honeymooon then you have no reason to worry because this Country is another Island Country that has great weather, interesting beaches for vacation and your go to spot for Honeymoon Locations.

8. COTE D’IVOIRE (VISA FREE): Located in West Africa with Many lakes, lagoons, beautiful hills and Mountains etc.. This country is one place you should have on your list because there are the giant for Afro Dance.

9. MAURITANIA ?? ( VISA ON ARRIVAL): Is a Country that has a lots of Deserts and Ocean. It is known for main attractions for most tourists who have a desire for natural reserve and dunes ending in the sea. Their millions of birds are protected by UNESCO.

10. MADAGASCAR ??( VISA ON ARRIVAL FOR 90 DAYS): Madagascar although their tourism abilities is underdeveloped but their island endemic, wildlife and forest are unique tourist attractions. You can be in this country for 90 days without Visa.

Although the list is endless, you can also visit MALI, LIBERIA, GHANA, GAMBIA( VISA FREE FOR 90 DAYS) , GUINEA BISSAU {VISA FREE FOR 90 DAYS). KENYA (90 DAYS ON ARRIVAL).

You can learn about other cultural heritage and different countries without going through the stress of being Denied Visa to this various destinations!

I hope this post helps you to choose a varieties and preferable country you will like to visit without the stress of Visa.

Knowledge is wide and broad. You can never learn it all but you can always try. So why not go through, Make your choice, Get that flight ticket, pack your bags and Go on a tour in Africa.Have Fun without stress. Remember isn’t that bad you know lol ?

Do leave your Questions and Observations down below… Thanks and do stay tuned to this page.

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