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  • Sneaker freak

    Sneaker freak

    Not a sneaker freak but my sneakers game be lit ?

    Sneaker ? is comfortable for traveling, swaggering and good for exercising. Will Idara ever stand in line for Jordan sneaker or puma the answer is no but the dope tho.

    Nike Air Force

    What can you wear with sneakers?

    Sneaker goes well with joggers pants and skinny jeans. Thank me later lol

    nike huarache women

    Sneaker can be wore with a short little dress. Oh you should have the leg ? for it or you will be looking like mosquitoes ? in pants.. just saying.

    Puma sneakers ?

    Sneakers can also be wore with skirts. I prefer short jeans and short skirts I normally see a lots of girls wearing sneakers with bootcut jeans smh.. how do you want people to see your sneaker ? question for the Gods..

    Aldo sneaker ?

    Whatever you do please and I don’t know who need to hear this, please put on socks before you wear your sneakers. Unless you want your feet ? to sweat and bring our funky odor.. eww ?

    Watch out for my sneaker game part two guys! Stay tuned ❤️


    Fun Facts: I use to be a tomboy during my Freshman year in college.. lol ?


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    1. Onu ugu
      September 9, 2019 / 12:00am09

      Lit ♥️

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