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  • What is Packphobia

    What is Packphobia

    Packphobia is a new word I just formed. Lol

    It is the fear of packing your clothes and other stuff before traveling. I just found out that I have a phobia for packing my clothes in my suitcase before I travel.

    A few days ago, I traveled to Miami and this was a pleasure trip of 5 days or less. I ended up clearing my wardrobe for this trip! I don’t know how it happened but I found myself needing an extra suitcase. Lol

    While preparing for the trip, have you ever felt that there will be a need for a certain cloth of your choice may be that red jumpsuit or blazers or even certain pants?

    Yes, I feel like that all the time especially when it’s a short trip. I feel like I’m going to be needing additional clothes or I’m going to be needing this particular dress or shoe and before you say “Jack” my closet was empty.

    When I’m about checking my luggage at the airport, I pray the most honest prayer of my life so as not to pay for excess luggage. The last time I traveled to Dallas, my luggage exceeded 30kg, I was advised to either pay for excess luggage or remove some clothes from my overnight bag. I ended up removing 2 pairs of shoes and I had to put them in my handbag.

    Airport Rush

    most times, when I return from my journey, I’ll feel so sad that I didn’t wear up to a quarter of what I packed in the box. Uuuugggg…

    I know I’m not alone on this packphobia journey and with my experience, pack less because you always gonna end up like me going to the Mall to buy extra clothes! Lol

    I seriously need some help?

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