• Why Hooking with your Ex is bad news! Hooking up with your Ex is bad …
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  • Grocery stores are becoming more common in Africa and the world at large. Most persons …
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  • BEAUTY TIPS FOR DRY SKIN Of all the five basic skin types – Normal, Dry Oily, …
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    • 10 best green plants for indoor

      10 best green plants for indoor
    • Traveling to Lagos, Nigeria? |You might want to read this

      Traveling to Lagos, Nigeria? |You might want to read this
    • Why Hooking up with your Ex is bad news and disaster!!

      Why Hooking up with your Ex is bad news and disaster!!


    There should be no differences or shortcomings when it comes to being happy. The choice of what to do, what to wear, where you sleep,…

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    DIY face mask recipe

    Did you know, papaya is a nourishing fruit with a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It aids the body system to function optimally and leaves your skin glowing from within. Papaya also has natural bleaching properties which lighten dark spots on the face. It has a high water content which leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. Here’s how to make this tropical wonder.

    How to Slay Your Monday

    What’s your Monday look like? Classy, Sassy or a simple in between look. When you look great, you have this sense of power and feeling that the world is under your feet and Monday is yours for the taking. Slay your Mondays and the rest of world is yours for the taking. What’s your Monday look like lovelies??

    How To Find Hiding Music On Itunes

    Davido initially dropped “Risky” as a taste from his long-awaited album A Good Time. The single sees the Nigerian heavyweight connecting with Jamaican star Popcaan as they both go in over afro-fusion-meets-dancehall production. It was produced by DMW’s in-house beatmaker Speroach Beatz. The track notably features Davido doing a cheeky flip of his own freestyle he did on Shade 45 earlier this year, which was made fun of across social media. “What you all laughed at !! You will dance to !! “Davido posted on Twitter.

    Why True Botanical Is The Best Product For Your Skin

    Ladies!!! Adequate rest is not laziness, neither is the required 8 hours of sleep laziness. We all need to relax our nerves and have a good rest after the day’s work. If you’ve noticed, when you’re exhausted, stress lines appear on your face. Also, you tend to lose valuable weight. This is another very important aspect of the business of looking good. As much as possible, it’s necessary to stop at some point and get some rest (and possibly a good sleep). ย Trust me, your body will thank you for this gesture!

    72 hours in Las Vegas

    The thrilling experience started the moment I stepped my feet onto the Vegas soil. Oh! It’s such an unexplainable feeling! The glitz! The lights! Happy people! The glamour!! Yep! You guessed right. Vegas is definitely the place to visit next time you’re on holiday. But before then, it’s good to learn a bit more about this city that never sleeps.

    Traveling to Lagos, Nigeria? |You might want to read this

    Traveling to Lagos, Nigeria? |You might want to read this https://meetidara.com/traveling-to-lagos-nigeria-you-might-want-to-read-this/ โ€” Read on meetidara.com/traveling-to-lagos-nigeria-you-might-want-to-read-this/


    #Dollartreediy #dollartree #holidaywraths Hello guys itโ€™s Christmas or letโ€™s say thanksgiving seasons and we are all excited about the holidays ahead lol.. Well in this…

    How to care for your pothos plants

    Pothos plants are good for both indoors and outdoors. yellowing and withering older leaves with dry edges? You probably let it dry out too much for too long. Solution? Give your struggling plant friend a good soak of water.

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