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  • Top 10 do not dos when in a relationship

    Top 10 do not dos when in a relationship
  • Three important things you should do this year!

    Three important things you should do this year!
  • What is Love? What it feels like to be in love

    What is Love? What it feels like to be in love
  • Pasta al Limone

    Pasta al Limone


There should be no differences or shortcomings when it comes to being happy. The choice of what to do, what to wear, where you sleep,…

Three important things you should do this year!

Prioritize the ministry of the holy ghost like you never did before. My brothers and sisters, The holy ghost created you. (Job 33:4) He made you. He is the maker. He is the performer in the godhead. He actually fashioned you. His delight was in the sons of men. He always wanted to live in us and the Father fulfilled his dream.

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Use Home Decor To Make Someone Fall In Love With …

So here’s a little TIPS for beginners who want to elevate their living space and also attract good partners. I’m not a psyche expert but I know how many compliment I have gotten in the past from males admires because of my home décor. I mean that’s one of the best things my partner loves about me.


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How to Slay Your Monday

What’s your Monday look like? Classy, Sassy or a simple in between look. When you look great, you have this sense of power and feeling that the world is under your feet and Monday is yours for the taking. Slay your Mondays and the rest of world is yours for the taking. What’s your Monday look like lovelies??

Why True Botanical Is The Best Product For Your Skin

Ladies!!! Adequate rest is not laziness, neither is the required 8 hours of sleep laziness. We all need to relax our nerves and have a good rest after the day’s work. If you’ve noticed, when you’re exhausted, stress lines appear on your face. Also, you tend to lose valuable weight. This is another very important aspect of the business of looking good. As much as possible, it’s necessary to stop at some point and get some rest (and possibly a good sleep).  Trust me, your body will thank you for this gesture!

72 hours in Las Vegas

The thrilling experience started the moment I stepped my feet onto the Vegas soil. Oh! It’s such an unexplainable feeling! The glitz! The lights! Happy people! The glamour!! Yep! You guessed right. Vegas is definitely the place to visit next time you’re on holiday. But before then, it’s good to learn a bit more about this city that never sleeps.

Selfcare is a must!

What comes in mind when the word Body Odor comes out of your partners, friends colleagues, etc? You probably will be thinking “I’m Smelling.” but…


Fashion.. Somewhere in the V.I.P section. We were having drinks with some friends when this girl walked in, that weird silence strikes like an angel…

Color block trend 2022

Style is also personal and unflinching in the midst of controversy, it’s comfortable in its own skin, it tells about the personality and helps to build confidence without consideration of the price tag. 

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